Filofax Addict?

For the last few years I have kind of loved the whole concept of Filofax Personal Organisers and therefore own a couple myself.

They are so practical, if like me, you tend to have a million things happening at once in a short period of time and need a simple and effective way to keep track of it all. I bought my first one in my first year of sixth form. It came in really handy to keep all my exam dates in as well as the various university auditions/interviews I had lined up as I was finding myself increasingly stressed, not knowing when and where exactly I had to be with clashing rehearsals, school, dance and singing lessons as well as trying to fit in social events etc!

Recentley, I’ve become kind of lax in the organistional part of my life and its something that I want to get back on track with. So what better way to start University than with a brand spanking new filofax? (In case you haven’t noticed, I’m rationalizing this decision like a pro).

I spotted this new ‘Peru Personal Organiser’ on facebook at first and after a little dig I’ve found it on and I’m very very close to pressing that little button I love to hate, “add to basket”.


What do we think?





2 thoughts on “Filofax Addict?

  1. Buy it cause it’s beautiful and you only live once! Also, because of this blog post I now have an insane craving for a filofax. Thanks for that lol x

    • Aaah I just did it haha! Although I went through the ryman website and got 12% student discount and free delivery! I’m such a lost cause haha! You’re welcome 😉 thats what my blog is here for haha x

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